Become an Auburn Housing Resident

To be placed on the waiting list for housing within the Auburn Housing Authority properties, download the Auburn Housing Application.

Auburn Housing Authority Application

All questions must be completed in the spaces provided AND the application must be signed by the head-of-household. If the application is not complete, or it is not signed, it will be returned to you, and your application will be delayed. You will not be placed on the waiting list until the application is completed properly and is returned.

Because of the number of applications AHA receives, there is a waiting list for our rental properties. All housing is offered to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unfortunately, there is no emergency housing available.

Return Completed Application to:

Auburn Housing Authority
200 Oxford Street
North Auburn, MA 01501

tel: 508.832.3852
fax: 508.832.5684

Criteria For Becoming a Resident


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